Oronasal Fistula Repair

An oronasal fistula is a communication between the mouth and nose (nasal sinus) due to chronic periodontal disease, trauma, such as a maloccluded tooth penetrating into the pet’s nasal cavity, and incomplete healing after tooth extraction. Dachshunds are one of the most common breed affected by oronasal fistulas of the upper canine teeth. Sneezing or reverse sneezing are after eating or drinking is commonly seen because water, food and other debris becomes lodged inside their nose. It si not uncommon for owners to notice a nasal discharge from one or both nostrils due to inflammation/infection of the upper respiratory tract.

An oronasal fistula will never heal on its own. The communication must be repaired surgically. If you see this condition in your dog or cat or your pet is sneezing or having nasal discharge, please make an appointment with a veterinary dentist and oral surgeon.